• An overview of Wisr in 3 steps

  • Step 1: Launch

    Dedicated marketing and project management to create a campus-wide advisory community

    Directory Sync


    Import your existing alumni directory and Wisr will provide a feed of updated profile data from LinkedIn

    Integrated Campaigns


    Automated email marketing campaigns with smart segmentation to maximize alumni and student engagement

    Launch Team


    Dedicated engagement experts with a community of active career services, alumni relations, and advancement professionals

  • Step 2: Engage

    (Like you've never engaged before)

    One-Click Profile Creation

    LinkedIn Integrated


    Students and Alumni join with LinkedIn creating directory of advisors

    Intelligent Advising

    AI-Driven academic and career advisor recommendations


    Our matching algorithm connects students and automates the scheduling of alumni, staff, and faculty advisory sessions

    Seamless Communications

    Phone, email, and live chat


    Without leaving their inbox, alumni can schedule advisory calls and make connections

  • Step 3: Report

    Capture real-time data from thousands of constituents and dashboard it in real-time

    (aka looking awesome in meetings)

    ...then zoom in for a finer-grain view of your community

  • It's not just about what we do,
    it's about who we are

    Learn about our team and partners

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