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Boost yield by helping prospective students and parents connect with undergrads and alumni during admissions.


Student Success

Improve student life and retention with long-term mentorship, personalized resources, and support for communities.


Career Development

Offer every student one-on-one career coaching from industry experts by leveraging your alumni.


Alumni Relations

Build powerful affinity and drive giving by connecting alumni volunteers with undergrads they can help.

No one in higher ed has ever succeeded by accident.

Don’t leave your performance to chance. Wisr Academy has worked with over 300 colleges and universities to skyrocket engagement and help administrators share successful strategies.

In-person conferences for ambitious professionals in higher education administration

Self-paced online courses to modernize your approach to constituent engagement

Free seminars taught by industry experts on key topics to help you do your job better


WisrConnect helps you engage at a massive scale.

Build rock-solid affinity with alumni by letting them guide prospectives, students, and young graduates.

Automated matching for career advisors and peer mentors

Digital communities for geographic, affinity, and academic groups

Live chat, calling, and meeting scheduling

Discussion forums for every interest and career path

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"Wisr provides a one-stop shop to engage both students and alumni. Many schools like to find one-size-fits-all solutions that attack several different problems, but we like best-in-class solutions. Wisr doesn’t manage a million other products, so we receive great customer support."

Lori Hurvitz

Executive Director of Alumni Engagement & Annual Giving

“Students want individualized experiences, both while they are on campus and after they graduate. One of the best ways we can do that is making sure they can link with alumni and employers in an individualized way.”

Hank Malin

Vice President and Executive Director of the Knowlton Center for Career Exploration

“What I think is just brilliant is how easy Wisr makes it...students can connect with people at different companies in various industries around the globe. Wisr makes the initial contact so much easier.”

Lori Young

Director of the Career Center

"In a phrase, I would consider the Wisr team and the platform they’ve created to be Best in Class.”

Dr. Thomas Matthews

Executive Director of the Career Center

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